Family Dobes, Above All Others

My friend Steve Parsons is one of the most sought after Doberman breeders in the United States. His beautiful and elegant Dobermans are ranked among the highest in quality and temperament west of Germany and Eastern Europe.  What makes Steve the best is that he finds the best dogs, is willing to invest in them, and then makes certain that his breeding is always solid and for the betterment of this breed of noble dogs.
Whereas Americans call the Doberman Pinscher the Cadillac of dogs, Family Dobes is considered the Rolls Royce in this category. Putting Stephen in the category with any of the breeders in the nation seems laughable.  Though he has great respect for other breeders, those who have been chosen as the owners of his puppies or trained adults, will tell you that no other Doberman breeder in the States even comes close to Steve’s Family Dobes.
Where does he get the time to do it all. He’s a handsome husband, terrific father of the most well-mannered and beautiful kids on the planet, but he still finds time to train and show his dogs, breed them very selectively and in the process of it all, he creates these magnificent puppies that are rivaled by no one else’s and in a category of their own.
Family Dobes is consistent in their professional handling and training, but the process of breeding is vitally important says the owner.  “We find the right pair to breed. It’s very important to know the parents and to set a goal for the puppies you want to be whelped. I spend the night up with any of my dogs that are whelping, I want them to know that I’m here for them, and the bonding process begins almost immediately with the pups. So much so, we often hate to see them leave,” said the star of American Doberman breeders.
“We recently have had some of the most incredible puppies from a very distinguished stud.  They are going very fast, there was a waiting list for the puppies and there are still a few still available, but won’t be for long,” said Parson. “Obi Wan-Kenobi de Grande Vinko is the stud that we’ve been lucky enough to have breed two of my bitches.  Three litters of puppies have arrived and they are much more than I ever dreamed of.  I hope people will take a look at them.”
A look is all you  need to see that these are the best of the best.  Just google “Obi Wan-Kenobi de Grande Vinko” and you will see that this is perhaps the best Doberman male currently in the United States.  I became acquainted with Steve as a referral. I was dealing with two stalkers at the time and someone told me, “contact Steve in Utah.” Well, Steve then moved to Arizona, but thankfully is back in Utah, although he does ship his puppies and any adult dogs nation-wide.
By breeding for true Doberman confirmation and temperament, you receive a solid dog from a man, who simply is as his dogs are, the very best.  Steve’s puppies are well-cared for and lack absolutely nothing.  They are socialized properly not only with littermates, but his adorable children, who should be on TV take personal time to play with them and acquaint them with being around children.  Though they are always supervised (the kids that is) to make sure they are properly handling the puppies.  Steve’s dogs are part of his family, so much so, that every single one is named and allowed to develop their very own personality.  One is mischievous and savvy, another is loyal, calm and strong, another is devoted to his kids and allows them to dress him up in kid’s clothing. You get the point.  This is not an unscrupulous backyard breeder. He’s not raising them out of a garage or a pen in the backyard.
Steve’s ultra-modern kennel is a very clean, stable facility that is state-of-the-art and brings forth the best dogs and puppies to their adoptive homes.  When you adopt one of Family Dobes, you know that you are getting a spectacular specimen of a Doberman.  In addition to puppies, Steve also offers for the person like me, a trained adult.  Some of us simply don’t have the time to train a puppy or spend time playing with it.  We need to be on a movie set, in an office or jetting across country to meetings.  His latest adult trained offering is Heika, who simply put is the Nicole Kidman of the Doberman class.  Strikingly beautiful, smart, sleek and one-of-a-kind. If it were 1939, Heika would beat out Vivienne Leigh for the role as Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone With The Wind.”
I’d love to take this beauty by my side and let her be the Ambassador for Family Dobes down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills or Park Avenue in Manhattan.  This beauty belongs in elegant places.
By: Tommy Lightfoot Garrett
Photograph is Courtesy: Family Dobes
One Response to “Family Dobes, Above All Others”
  1. Jillian Weaver says:

    Anyone who has ever meet Steve knows this is 100% true!
    Thank you so much for putting into words how any of his friends or clients feel about Family Dobes!!
    Jill from Utah

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